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All types of the machines are equipped with the air cushion for easy manipulation of the cut material. Even the reinforced type MAXIMA 80 BP are equipped with the digital indication and setting of the measure with the possibility of automatically cutting of the strips. All the types are equipped with the reinforced mechanical parts.

Basic equipment / standard accessories

electrical feed 400 V,3 phases, 50 Hz
programmable control system ( 450 cutting steps, the control system enables to create 9999 programs limited by the number of cutting steps )
digital cut dimensions setting and monitoring
opitical cut line indication
cut line indication by clamp
even and uneven repeating
semi - automatic cutting
programming by cutting
manual cuts dimensions setting
metric / inch measurement system
LED display type
two - hand safety cuts actuation
mechanical protection of the knife cut repeating
automatic shielding of the knife by clamp in any position
table with air cushion
hydraulic clamping
clamping pressure adjustment for different materials
manual backgauge movement
knife replacement from machine front
infrared safety barrier
planed and polished main table
cut counter
2 pcs of HSS ( Fight Speed Steel ) knives - 1 installed on the machine and 1 as standard accessories
5 pcs of cutting sticks, 2 pcs of bulbs
wooden piler MAXIMA
spare parts catalougue
European certification CE
operating manual

Recommended accessories being charged

cutting sticks 10 pcs
bulbs 4 pcs
air chamber 10 pcs
lock screw 4 pcs
carbon brushes

Optional accessories being charged

knife MS 80 HM (Hard Metal)
knife MS 80 HSS ( High Speed Steel )
knife MS 80 standard
ground finish of main table
stainless steel plated table
back gauge movement by reciprocating ball leadscrew bearing + brake motor
reserve spare parts catalogue

The following summary shows characteristics and options of the programming mode

LED indication of the programming mode
memory for entring up to 450 cutting steps
possible commands in a programe:

1. run into a position

2. cutting of the strips:

- single ( cuts the entered amount of the same widths )

- double ( cuts the entered amount of pairs of different widths )

- triple ( cuts the entered amount of strips of different widths )

3. programming by cutting

deleting of all programs
deleting of selected program
searching for the next or the previously occupied program
searching for the closest following unoccupied program
creating a new program
editing of an existing program
displaying the number of unoccupied steps in memory
limited the langth and numbers of programs only by the number of currently unoccupied steps

Technical description

Cutting width ( mm )


Knife movement time per cycle ( s )


Front table length ( mm )


Max. backaguge distance from cut line ( mm )


Table height from the base ( mm )


Clamp without false clamp plate opening ( mm )


Clamp without false clamp plate opening ( mm )


Min. end waste - manual / power drive without false clamp plate ( mm )

20 / 25

Maximum pre - clamping pressure by pedal ( N )


Clamp pressure ( N )

2000 - 24 000

Maximum backgauge speed ( mm.s-1 )


Job storage in memory period

1 year

Displayed backgauge position accuracy reading ( mm )


Total power input

3×400 V/4,5 kW

Length / width / height ( mm )


Net weight ( Kg )


Gross weight ( Kg )


Dimension of crate ( mm )


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